Japanese Landscape Paintings

I was researching Japanese painting, specifically landscapes, to help with a piece that I intend to do today.  I found a surprisingly plentiful amount of information to teach me about this rich history.  The history of Japanese painting had great depth and showed an unique progression based on a mixture between foreign influence and nationalism.  The best part of the research was finding new artists.

Upon discovering the styles of Takeuchi Seihō and Yuzo Saeki, I now intend to look further into their art as well as their lives- much like I have done with Francis Bacon.  Their styles are loose yet deliberate.  I’ve always been fond of post-impressionist styles and these two artists added very distinct paintings to the movement.  Many others were more important, such as Josetsu, but I will first fully examine these two artists before moving on to others.

About J. H. Freedman

The animations I do are reflections of my momentary states of mind. I improvise at a high speed during the brainstorming process to flesh out the idea before it goes away and, like a switch, turn it off so that I have the focus to see it through to completion. I take advantage this speed to utilize my stream of consciousness and create primal, non-rational art that is strong in theme yet open to a variety of interpretations. My chosen medium for animating is charcoal on paper. It ties in with my frequently used themes of loose grittiness and instability that is seen in my dark storytelling and in my figures’ constantly flowing, contorted motion. View all posts by J. H. Freedman

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